How To Install Lace Frontal Wig NO GLUE NO LEAVEOUT || SLAYING THIS WIG ????

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    Hey guys!
    Today I am sharing how I install and lay my lace frontal wig! Installing a lace frontal can be seem tricky but its actually a lot easier then it seems! I use the got2b glued hair styling gel and a little bit of concealer and that's it! Lace frontal wigs are my new favorite type of wigs since making this one!

    Recool Peruvian Body Wave Hair w/ Frontal:
    Got 2 B Glued:
    Cover Girl Concealer:



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    BTW, I am not a professional natural hair lady.

    I share my opinions based on my personal experience with my hair! I just share in hopes of helping others with their natural hair too!

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