Afros on Natural Hair | Tips for styling and maintaining afros on natural hair

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    Today I am sharing my best tips on how I style and maintain an afro look on my natural hair! I love LARGE hair so afro styles are right up my alley!

    Tip 1: Cornrow outs!
    For me cornrow outs give me the best afro style on my 4c natural hair.

    I braid my hair going from front to back in 8 cornrow, 4 on each side while my hair is damp and let it dry overnight.

    I take them out the next day and my afro is poppin! And yes, I will be doing a video on this soon!

    Tip 2: Less is More
    Heavy products on your natural hair will weight it down causing your hair to not want to defy gravity and stay up high where your afro should be.

    Avoid heavy creams and butters, use light weight leave-ins instead.

    Tip 3: Dont retwist your hair
    I use a bonnet at night the keep my afro in tacked, though some might find this odd.

    It means less manipulation on my natural thick, kinky hair and also one less thing to worry about.

    Plus I like my 2nd and 3rd day hair better too!

    Tip 4: Water and Picks
    Using water to shape your fro after your braid have been taken out has been the best way for me to style and shape my natural hair.

    It is also easy to reshape my hair after sleeping on it this way too.

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