My First YouTube Check! Over $600!!!

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    So today I wanted to share how I made over $600 in my 1st month on YouTube and gained subscribers fast.

    (Subscribers that I love BTW! Thanks guys????) I am sharing this because I have been on social media a long time and this is the first time I have made any real income from making YouTube videos.

    This video is the first in my new Thursday series called Influencer 101.

    I shared tips like these on my blog in the past and thought I should share here too.

    I am not here to brag but only to share some things I learned in hopes they will help you too!
    To be successful on any platform you need to do some research and understand how that platform works.

    It’s not just about knowing how to upload a video but how to upload content that will be preferred by YouTube’s algorithm and that viewers want to watch.
    Tip #1: Upload EVERY SINGLE DAY!
    Yes, this is crazy and hard and sometimes impossible but it will make a huge difference in your reach and influence and it will draw more people to your channel.

    For my first 3 weeks on this channel I uploaded 5 to 6 times a week and gained over 10K subscribers doing that time, so this works.

    YouTube’s algorithm prefers content creators that bring more people to their website.

    People that upload every day do just that.

    If you upload once a week, start doing it twice a week or even 3 times a week.

    The more often you upload the more YouTube will like you!
    Tip #2: Share to Relevant Facebook Group
    Facebook is a great place to share content, if you do it correctly.

    Find groups that are for your niche and use engaging wording to get people to click on your link.

    Always use a photo or video uploaded directly to Facebook to catch people attention.

    Never use the default display to pops up when you put your link into a Facebook post.

    I will have a more in-depth video on this next Thursday!
    Tip #3: Make Useful Quality Content
    When someone leaves your video, they should have something to take away.

    That can be a lesson, inspiration, or just pure joy from entertainment, but it must be something.

    Your content needs to have a purpose.

    Quality content always has a purpose.

    Content with a purpose is always worth watching.

    Find the quality in your content and if there isn’t any, take some time to re-evaluate why you are creating it in the first place.
    I really hope this video and extra commentary in the description box truly helps you! I get questions all the time which I think is surprising because I am nowhere near as successful as a lot of people on YouTube but I still want to try my best to help.

    Being successful with anything in life takes hard work, dedication, patience and most importantly a willingness to keep on learning!
    Please feel free to share your tips in the comment section! In this video I just addressed the major things I think made a difference for me but of course there are many other things that factor in also so please share your secrets with the rest of us!!!

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  • myfirstyoutubecheck!over$600!!!