6 Natural Hair Styles That Are RUINING Your Natural Hair

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    Today I am sharing 6 things that might be ruining your natural hair! Not every styles is good and not every style is bad but make sure to take into account how your hair reacts to certain styles and not over do it on any one particular thing.

    Be aware of your hair!

    The 6 things that are ruining your natural hair:
    1) Heat
    No duh, heat causes heat damage so avoid it as much as you can.

    2)Styles that are too heavy
    Any styles that pull to much on your hair will cause breakage and excessive shedding.

    3)Styles that dry out your hair
    Moisture is your friend.

    Water to fro and watch it grow!

    4)High Manipulation Styles
    Styles that require too much manipulation will result in more breakage.

    5)Short Term Styles
    You doing to much!

    6)Lazy Styling
    Be lazy but be smart.

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